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3 Peacock Figurines

  • $11999

Includes three PEACOCK figurines. 

Cast in quality poly resin, this colorful decor piece will add charm and elegance to your home!

1. Tall one measures approx. 17" tall x 7 inches wide.
2. Sitting one measures approx. 10" tall x 13.5 inches wide with display of feathers.
3. Feathers spread out one measures 10" tall x 8" wide.

What a gorgeous set!

Excellent gift item.

New in condition from non-smoking home.

Every home needs a little personality!

Trivia: What makes the peacock’s feathers so brilliant? Microscopic “crystal-like structures” that reflect different wavelengths of light depending on how they’re spaced, resulting in bright fluorescent colors. Hummingbirds and shimmering butterflies have mastered a similar visual effect on their own wings.

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