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4 Garden Gnomes 7 inches Saucy Naughty Fellows Rude Lawn Ornaments Statues Nomes

  • $9999

7 inches high, full of sauciness!
Add these adorable naughty, saucy gnomes to your garden collection.
1. One gnome is flipping the bird, with a look on his face which tells it all. Using middle finger to speak!
2. Cute girl gnome is picking her nose, with finger almost to her brain!
3. Gnome is showing his butt, and looks like he is peeing in the bush.
4. One fellow is just flashing his butt. Cute expressions on their faces, make these guys irresistible!
What a fun Gift!
Each measures 7 inches x 3 inches.
Detailed coloring and craftsmanship.
Made from poly stone and will weather the outdoors!

Will make a fun addition to any garden or home decor. 

Perfect addition to your gnome collection. 

What a fun gift for that special someone who loves gnomes. 

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