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Anthony Fisher Pixie Lying on Clover Leaf

  • $1199

  Includes this cute little fellow lying on a clover leaf

      A favorite as a gift for those who are " lucky" and carry clover leafs around. 

      3 "wide x 1" high .   

These impish little people, call them pixies, or elves, have such adorable expressions, and wearing those tattered and torn rags, you can`t help but fall in love with them. 

Each pixie is an Anthony Fisher pixie original and  has been given a name and each brings a story.

Cast in quality, long lasting designer resin,this pixie will add whimsy and charm to any home or garden setting!

They are often given as gifts for the home.

Perfect addition to your pixie/whimsical collection.

Made from resin. 

Every garden needs a little personality!

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