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Black and White Cat Figurine Sleepy Kitten

  • $3999

Sleeping black and white kitten figurine, loves my couch!
Perfect addition to your home.
Excellent gift item.
Cute little kitten sleeping.
Absolutely nothing less than adorable!
Size:8" L X5"D X 5"H
Will add personality to your home or wherever you place him or her.
"Sally" is house trained, doesn`t make a mess, eats very little and will be sure to make your heart sing with his/her cuteness.
New condition from a non-smoking home.
Every home/garden needs a little kitten or two! 

Your cat meows at you because she is trying to tell you something (obviously).
You see, adult cats don't meow at other cats.
Instead, they communicate through scent, body language, facial expression, and touch.
But if your cat is angry or annoyed, then the meow sounds very unpleasant—it is meant to get our attention.

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