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Tawny Owl Figurine Garden Statue 6.25 inches H.

  • $3999

What a beautiful figurine, stunningly beautiful with those eyes!
Absolutely nothing less than awesome!
Dimensions:4.5" L x 3.5" W x 6.25" H
Features a dynamic combination of resin.
Great detail.
Perfect addition to your owl collection.
Excellent gift item.

Tawny Owl:
The tawny owl is an owl the size of a woodpigeon.
It has a rounded body and head, with a ring of dark feathers around its face surrounding the dark eyes.
Tawny owls in the UK are mainly reddish brown above and paler underneath.
It is a widespread breeding species in England, Wales and Scotland but not found in Ireland.
Owls see in the dark, and therefore, use their intuition in order to guide them through life.
The owl spirit animal usually symbolizes death, but it can also mean a great change will come into your life.
Owls represent transition, in other words, and will guide you during difficult times in your life.

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