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Fairy Door for Fairy Village 7.5 in. T. Bronze Style with Rabbit

  • $2499

 Includes "one"  Fairy Door.

Add to the whimsy of your fairy garden with this stunning door. Young and old, everyone enjoys the magic of a fairy garden, and this fairy garden house is destined to impress. Material: Polyresin Part of the Fairy Garden Collection Grow your fairy garden with fairy garden accessories, and delight your friends and family!

Excellent for small FAIRY OR GNOME village.

Fairy door measures approx.8 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide x 1 inches thick.

For your Fairy Village:

 I just found some cool old trees, hammered a few nails, and placed some moss at the base, and wow, see for yourself, your fairy village is going to be a popular spot for alot of good looking faeries, pixies and gnomes.

Make a little stone, pebble path leading to your fairy door( we sell them as well). Maybe make a little swing with jute rope and a twig hanging nearby.

The fairies all get along, and can have one heck of a party. You can hear them chattering at night, talking about the day, and faeries talk about how they made the flowers grow by spreading some magic dust. Have fun, stay young, and have big dreams.

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