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Garden Gnome Brothers Lawn Ornaments

  • $3599


Cast in quality, long lasting designer resin,these gnomes will add whimsy and charm to any garden setting!

  • The gnome POINTING HIS FINGER LAUGHING "John"  measures 12 inches tall x 7 inches wide.
  • They are a good size since the height is with Verne sitting down is 9.5 inches x 6 inches wide.
  • " John" is always laughing, telling jokes, playing pranks , just a cutie!  
  • Life is short, and he makes the best of it!
  • "Verne" on the other hand is pouting and not getting his way.
  • Stubborn, yet fun when he decides to " let go".
  • They know each other so well, and there is never a harsh word, just alot of fun going on!
They are often given as gifts for the home.
Perfect addition to your garden decor.
Excellent gift item.
Made from resin. 
  • New in condition from non-smoking home.


                                         Every garden needs a little personality!





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