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Male Biker Garden Gnome Decor Lawn Ornament Statue Nome 10.25 inches H.

  • $4299

BIKER GNOME! This Biker gnome is the complete package with the leather jacket, gloves, helmet, and sunglasses. A chain hangs from his belt and a skull adorns his t-shirt.
What a different gnome!
Would look great in your garden.
Made from poly stone and will weather the outdoors!
"Negan" measures 6 inches wide x 10.25 inches high, looking cool in his sunglasses, holding his helmet under his arm.
Will look handsome in your gnome collection.
A very affordable present for the biker .
Perfect addition to your gnome collection.
Excellent gift item. Would look great in your garden!
Suitable indoors or outdoors.

What a fun gift for that special someone who loves gnomes.  

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