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Male Biker Garden Gnome With Middle Finger Decor Lawn Ornament Statue Nome

  • $5299

BIKER GNOME! This Biker gnome is the complete package with the leather jacket, gloves, helmet, and sunglasses. A chain hangs from his belt and a skull adorns his t-shirt.
What a different gnome! He is giving the finger to someone who cut him off on the road.
Would look great in your garden.
Made from poly stone and will weather the outdoors!
"Negan" figurine measures 9.25 inches wide x 8 inches high, looking cool in his sunglasses.
Will look handsome in your gnome collection.
A very affordable present for the biker .
Perfect addition to your gnome collection.
Excellent gift item. Would look great in your garden!
Suitable indoors or outdoors.

What a fun gift for that special someone who loves gnomes.

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