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Great Grey Gray Owl Figurine on Tree Stump Garden Statue 20.5 inches

  • $18599

Includes one large OWL bird figurine.
Dimensions: 26" L x 12" W x 20.5" H
Excellent for your country decor.
Made from poly resin.
Suitable indoors or out. (not extreme weather conditions)
New condition from non-smoking home.

Cool Facts

  • Although the Great Gray Owl is the tallest American owl with the largest wingspan, it is just a ball of feathers. It preys on small mammals and has relatively small feet. Both the Great Horned and Snowy owls weigh half again as much, and have larger feet and talons.
  • The oldest recorded Great Gray Owl was at least 18 years, 9 months old and lived in Alberta, Canada.



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