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Pixie Incense Burner Anthony Fisher Pixies

  • $1899


These pixies come in many shapes and forms. 


He will hold the incense stick right in his mouth, with the ashes falling safely into the recessed area of the burner below.  

These pixies come in many shapes and forms, and this pixie incense burner will make a great conversation piece and add a great collectible to your decor!

Made from polystone, handpainted ! Measures 12 inches long.

 These impish little people, call them pixies, or elves, have such adorable expressions, and wearing those tattered and torn rags, you can`t help but fall in love with them. Each pixie is an Anthony Fisher pixie original and  has been given a name and each brings a story.

These fine featured creatures, with their pointed ears and long, thin arms and legs. Labor day and night to keep flowers blooming and, vegetables cropping. By choosing a good variety of plants for your enchanted garden, you will provide shelter for pixie families and encourage them to help you to grow good luck and fortune for evermore. Designed by Anthony Fisher from U.K.

Perfect addition to your PIXIE collection. Excellent gift item.

Would look great in your garden or  in your collection of wee people.

Made from poly resin, hand painted.

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