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Solar Squirrel with LED lights

  • $1999

SQUIRREL Solar Garden Light.
Measures 6 inches LONG x 4.5 inches WIDE.
Has two bright LED lights that measure 1 inch in diameter.
Will light up pathways, walkway or any outdoor area of your choosing.
In daylight, the solar panel absorbs the sun`s natural energy and then provides
This unit contains rechargeable batteries. Switch the ON OFF switch to ON. The unit is ready to be used now.
Place the solar panel in a way that it will collect as much daylight as possible ( not right under a tree nor in the shade). When it starts to get dark, a light/dark sensor will switch the unit on automatically. The LED`s will stay shining light until the batteries are empty. Then the next day, batteries will be recharges again by the daylight. Please note that a bright sunny day will mke the LED`s light up longer and brighter and a dark cloudy day will make the light shorter and dimmer.
New condition from non-smoking home.

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